Personality development


The devotees may think what an Astrologer to do with Personality development, yes here Sri Managalam Sanjayan is an achiever in this field covering conducting thousands of Classess in Vedanta, Gita and Upanishads. Achievements can be measured on pesonality basis. He who has higher personality or higher attitudes achieves greater postions. We have examples like Abraham Lincoln and Narendra Modi who where once doing meanial jobs for living achieving great heights just because of their hard work and attitudes. Most people fail in thier life only because of inferior complex and not on quality. Many School, Colleges, Institutions, NGO's, Social Clubs has used Sanjayan's classess to motivate people. 



At his young age itself Sanjayan started Yoga learning and achieved heights of mind and soul unity which helped him to grasp the ecclestial and exotic spiritual concepts of Indian heritage. Though practicing as an astrologer and well known among spiritual enthusiasts, Sanjayan is good Yoga Practicioner and conducted training at his tender age itself, now having nearly 25 years of Yoga background, Sanjayan intends to instill the youths and adults the spirit of real Yoga which is now commercialized just as physical exercise but having it roots and highly debited to great Indian Rishi, Sidhas and Yogis. 


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