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A doyen in Astrology- Yoga- Vedanta Sri Mangalam Sanjayan hails from Mangalathu Tharavadu is the son of the well known Sri Mangalam Balakrishnan carrying the sacred tradition of occult disciplines of the Rishis into practical living, predicting the future events and prescribing remedies, curing many from terminal disease , a succor to many, lending service to humanity per se for the last 14 years. We can find manya astrologers who are into Astrology because of interests in occult sciences and its prediction. But Sanjayan is blessed to be part of a great 'PARAMPARA' or Succession of Astrologer's family having all rights to take and give thier judgements from the period of this great Land ruled by Kings and adored by Great Rishis. It is well known fact the Kerala astrologer uses "Kavadi" sea shell having divine power's and Sri Managalam Sanjayan is the custodian of this shell used by 10 family generations. 


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