About Sanjayan


Mangalam Sanjayan, A renouned astrology consultant and traditional ayurvedic physician.  

We all know Astrology is termed as Eye of Veda. The great Indian Classic Music and Ayurveda is also a part of Holy Veda. Sri Sanjayan is also having traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and his advise in this respect has given many people healthy recovery from illness. People from all walks of life across caste, creed and religion take astrological advise from him to make more prosperous, healthy and meaningful.

Sri Mangalam Sanjayan has been a well known orator in the field of occult sciences for more than a decade and a highly respected personality in that field.

A proven record of more than 5000 talks given in various forums on astrology, Bhagavathgita, Upanishads and yoga related topics to his credit.

Sri Sanjay has travelled to many Middle East Countries and given Astrological advises. 



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