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Hailing from a traditional family of astrologers dating back to a doted family lineage of almost 900 years.

 A doyen in Astrology- Yoga- Vedanta Sri Mangalam Sanjayan hails from Mangalathu Tharavadu is the son of the well known Sri Mangalam Balakrishnan carrying the sacred tradition of occult disciplines of the Rishis into practical living, predicting the future events and prescribing remedies, curing many from terminal disease , a succor to many, lending service to humanity per se for the last 14 years. It is strictly instructed in Holy texts what a qualified astrologer should be and it is nothing other than that he must be a Upasak and having respect to elders, Guru, and all creatures and non creatures of this world.  Then only a Astrologer can take his devotee to the levels of divinity. Having background and knowledge of Upanishads and Bhagavath Gita the Sri Managalam Sanjayan will not only be a Astrologer but also a guide who can guide you to success in your material and spiritual world. 

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Now Sanjayan's consulting is made available Online with the intention of reaching out his services to far away people.  More

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